Ante Timmermans

14/05/2016 > 04/09/2016

Ante Timmermans


Images for this exhibition

  • Ante Timmermans, Der Souffleur des Ichts, performative installation, S.M.A.K. Gent, 2015 Courtesy: the artist and Barbara Seiler, Zurich
    Foto: Dirk Pauwels

Performances, paintings, sculptures and installations – Flemish artist Ante Timmermans (b. 1976) works in a variety of media but is known primarily for his drawings. Ranging from visual jottings from his sketchbook to monumental landscapes, they are ‘mind maps’ of a kind, with a focus on the urban environment, landscape and architecture. For Timmermans, drawing is a way of dealing with his environment. The result is a poetic but critical reflection on the absurdity of our society. Timmermans is fascinated by (sometimes hidden) social systems, like cities and politics. An acknowledged source of inspiration is Constant Nieuwenhuis’s New Babylon project, the subject of a major retrospective running concurrently at the neighbouring Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. The exhibition of Timmermans work at the GEM is emphatically not a retrospective, but uses recurring visual motifs and key works to demonstrate the artist’s main themes and view of mankind and society.