GEM Launch party!


GEM Launch party!

Art, performance & music
Marcel van Eeden, N 50 51 40.9 E 3 24 1.3, 2013

Join us for the opening of two exhibitions.

Marcel van Eeden

Marcel van Eeden (b. The Hague, 1965) has produced several series of drawings forming complex narratives (often crime stories) in which fact and fiction constantly intertwine. Van Eeden has added a new story line especially for the GEM. It is inspired by a real-life unsolved murder in 1949 close to the museum. In this exhibition, this story is not confined to paper, but takes further shape in a fascinating three-dimensional version of the ‘crime scene’.

Machiel Botman

Through the lens of Dutch photographer Machiel Botman (b. Vogelenzang, 1955) we see a world full of feeling and an unreal beauty. Every image seems loaded with meaning, as if the artist photographs simple things that symbolise the big questions in life. Once every ten years Botman publishes a major book of photographs in which he strings together these autonomous snapshots to create a visual poem: a rhythmic, associative narrative. The exhibition at GEM/The Hague Museum of Photography will be his first major retrospective.


A Cutlet Vaudeville Show (1914) – Marcel van Eeden

Wildbeaming – Students KABK

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in collaboration with Hester Scheurwater

Doors open at 20.00. The exhibitions stay open until 23.00. DJ collective Tabass-Co will spin record that will make you want to dance.